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after you receive the money, i will provide you with an account to transfer the 60% share for my kids. There is no risk involve i give you my words is 100% risk free.

I have been in the financial sector for many years and I know perfectly how the system works.

The following is a dialogue with a scammer posing to be Asma al-Assad.

Innovative techniques pioneered by MEEI doctors saved the vision of several family members in the past, and for that I am grateful.

This is my opportunity to give back to an amazing institution, raising awareness of all the good things going on right now, while raising funds for all the great and promising things to come.

I qualified for the 2015 Boston Marathon and received my own bib, but I could not imagine running without Team Eye and Ear.

I am honored to serve as a trustee at MEEI, carrying on the Ankeny family legacy (and proud that my father is still an active member of the Board).

Am a mother of three kids I know the happiness of every parent to watch their kids grow up, as a matter of fact, when this crisis was just two weeks old, I told my husband to call the opposition leader and his followers for a meeting If they need my husband to step down, they will have to revote and call for presidential re-election. We attended Queen’s college together we were roommate and just like a sister to me, May her soul rest in perfect peace. In 2009 invested 120 million Pounds in international currency trade, the account is in my cousin’s name, Leila al Kardi she was bone in United States, unfortunately she was short died, her car was attack by the rebels on her way returning from states November 5th 2011.

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