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Driving here There is a reasonably large sign at the top of the drive headed "Holiday accommodation" and showing the Cardigan Coastal Cottages logo.Entering the postcode SA43 1RW in to your satellite navigation system should bring you to the bungalow almost opposite the top of our drive.

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In a society with diverse religious beliefs employers are challenged not only to be tolerant, but also to accommodate that diversity in the workplace.

Given employers’ need for efficiency in producing goods or providing services, the question is to what extent the religious beliefs and practices of employees have to be accommodated.

Piggery Poke Hostel is a part of Cardigan Coastal Cottages which is the core of one of the Ffrwdwenith (wheat stream) farms situated four field back from the cliffs, in a village called Felinwynt (windmill).

This is half way between Aberporth and Mwnt, four miles along the coast heading north from Cardigan.

The track surface is partially metalled, with the remainder being gravel and shale.

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