Adding or consolidating call centers

Surprisingly the economies play out earlier for centers with higher handle times. In each graph, I have highlighted the approximate point at which the economies of scale vanish noted by the bigger data point in each line.To the right of each point you do not gain much efficiency by growing centers.

adding or consolidating call centers-82

They wanted to know how much money they would save.

I was very surprised to find that this organization did not need to route calls amongst many of its centers, even though each center handled the very same types of calls as the next.

Cegaka turned to Genesys to create a dynamic and flexible contact center system to meet the needs to the growing business.

at a high-tech firm with an analytically focused management team.

In fact, Cegeka has become so good at outsourced IT support that many of its clients ask the company to take over their helpdesks, too.

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