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He had spent so long trying to catch me touching my tiny bald pussy or let me walk in on him stroking his massive hard cock.

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I don’t know what I was drinking, just that it had cute little umbrellas in it. Well not just my toes, he had almost my entire foot in his mouth.

Anyways I woke up this morning with some weird guy I have never met before. He licked and sucked both of my feet, heels, and ankles. He made sure that every single little spot on my feet were paid attention to.

His wife went straight to bed as she’d had a few too many drinks, and he fucked me there and then on the sofa, his big dick stretching me open and he shot his milky load deep into me. The dirtier, more twisted the better, no matter what your fetish is there are no taboos with me on here.

I have yet to be shocked and love to listen to a guy with something different and a little more daring to chat about.

I mean I can be all kinds of dirty with no limits phone sex and hopefully I won’t shock you. It was even more exciting when I fucked my boyfriend in my room after that. I licked her big tits and she sucked my dark nipples.

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