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Now, more than ever, Alberta’s economy is becoming more global.

How are educational institutions working to create a better and stronger Edmonton within the parameters of that shift? Campuses across Alberta—and the rest of Canada—are getting on board the study abroad program, a program that allows students to earn an MBA while studying part time, and earning credits towards their program, in another country. Students from other countries are able to come to Alberta to study.

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“Canada is a nation of immigrants and newcomers, and it is in our best interest to know how to work with people who are different, people who don’t share the same language, culture, work habits, and lifestyle.

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Education has always worked towards building better and stronger economies, but our economy has experienced an undeniable shift.

“Within the MBA program, we also offer shorter opportunities for students to travel abroad during their studies with two-week long study tours (where we take a group of students to a foreign county and combine academic lectures, company visits, and cultural activities).

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