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“It surely makes life more complicated,” Bocelli says about the newest addition to the Bocelli clan. An endeavor that the Bocelli’s are particularly proud of is the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, founded in 2011, which helps “fight poverty around the world and to help people overcome barriers caused by illness, discomfort, or disability.” Its efforts include supporting the purchase of necessities for Syrians in refugee camps, and funding research that could produce new machines and devices to help the blind navigate the outside world.

“When I was a boy…I knew the condition of being in need.

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It’s never been simple to categorize Andrea Bocelli as an artist; he’s recorded classical music, religious songs, opera, and pop.

His own “passione” is for classical music—“it’s good for the soul and the brain,” he says—but adds, “Every kind of music has its own depth.” Bocelli’s life is a study in similar contradictions.

It could have been a life-changing loss, but he refused to let it confine or define him—in fact, these days, blindness is something he doesn’t even bother talking about.

That same year, he entered a local singing contest, performing “O Sole Mio.” As he sang, he later told a reporter, he could hear people inthe audience crying; when he was done, rapturous women kissed him on the cheek.

In 2006, he performed “Because We Believe,” co-written with David Foster, at the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy.

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