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In addition, it borders the Persian Gulf, across which lie Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. Throughout its history, Iran has been of great geostrategic importance due to its central location in Eurasia.Iran is a member and co-founder of the United Nations, the OIC and OPEC.

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The Chilas sisters are not the only Pakistani girls who have had their private moments hijacked and sexualized for public consumption.

A search for “Pakistani Dancing” on You Tube, a site that is banned in Pakistan, yields hundreds of thousands of results.

The film opens with a woman doing a traditional dance at an intimate family gathering, but is titled “Pakistani girl dance in Islamabad College party.” A mobile video of a student mimicking a Bollywood dance in a classroom is likewise labeled “HOT Young Pakistani girl Dancing in Lahore.” This particular clip has been appropriated in various ways across You Tube, including in a Jihadist propaganda video titled “Modern Co Education In Pakistan or Sex Nurseries.” Another clip is an outright name-and-shame video, identifying students from “City School,” one of Pakistan's largest private co-education schools.

“Abbotabad pakistan hot girls sexy dance pashto song,” the next clip in, is probably not from Abbottabad, where Osama bin Laden was killed; the “hot girl” in the video probably isn’t Pakistani and her gyrations are definitely not to the beat of the Pashto song amateurishly overlaid on the video.

Naqvi has appropriated this tactic in his critical films.

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