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Your older, richer cougar isn’t going to be upset that you didn’t pick up the bill or plan a lavish date, but she will be upset if you make all the wrong moves and make her feel more like a sugar momma than a partner in your relationship.

So if you want to date a rich woman, whether she’s a rich older woman or a rich cougar, then you’re going to need to keep the following things in mind. There are men who would think that having a rich older woman to pay for everything would be everything that they could ever dream of. If you’re dating a rich cougar, you might start to wonder why she’s with you.

Split between Mongolia and Russia, this landscape, also known as Transbaikal, features incredible biodiversity.

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This UNESCO-recognized site houses the temple of Aphrodite and its surrounding ruins, which date from the third century BCE, and the nearby marble quarries that fed the site's famous sculpture school.

This UNESCO designation has caused controversy in the region, after Israel denounced the announcement of the West Bank area as part of Palestine.

Speaking to them and relating to them requires a higher level of both emotional intelligence and intelligence.

And it also helps if you’re good in the bedroom department.

Home to the Okitsu shrine, this Japanese island is most controversially known for only allowing men to enter the scared land.

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