Bindingsource not updating

When automatic sizing is disabled, you can programmatically set the exact width or height of rows, columns, or headers through the following properties: These methods will resize rows, columns, or headers once rather than configuring them for continuous resizing.

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To configure the sizing mode for headers and rows and for columns that do not override the control value, set one or more of the following Data Grid View properties: To override the control's column sizing mode for an individual column, set its Auto Size Mode property to a value other than Not Set.

If you configure both rows and columns for content-based automatic sizing and Wrap Mode is enabled, the Data Grid View control will adjust sizes whenever cell contents changed and will use an ideal cell height-to-width ratio when calculating new sizes.

In this case, size adjustment occurs whenever cell contents change.

You can also configure rows, columns, and headers to automatically adjust their sizes to fit their cell contents.

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