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We ended with a list of Erica’s favorite books and researchers.

We started and ended the show with strange music at Erica’s request.

We talked about the worth of a truly skeptical viewpoint and how a more inclusive attitude could very well provide a breakthrough.

Bishop was sitting next to him, in a spot by the door. Bishop was forty-five, with a long, pale face framed by dark hair that she wore in a pageboy, her bangs slashed just above her small blue eyes.

She was normally a vocal participant in departmental meetings, but on this occasion she was silent, and she appeared to be brooding.

We then launched into a discussion of the most glaring problem in UFO study: giant egos.

We agreed that the research and presentation of findings and sharing information should take precedence.

Bishop and the UAH murders were first featured on national TV in July 2010, on the TLC cable channel.

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