Need man to cam sex - C bindingsource validating

In the next instalment we'll look at some of the other ways we can specify the binding source and when you might use them, but now we'll take a well-earned break ... You can download the sourcecode for the examples described in this blogpost: Databinding Examples Part Regards, Colin E.

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Now if you run the application again you should have something like the following, and as you can see the key and value are being displayed in our labels.

Now using this technique you can easily bind a combobox and have one value displayed while another value is used as your key.

The key value however cannot be seen, so let’s create some code to visually see the selected key.

Subscribe to the properties and assigning them to the labels on our form.

For example, if you have a combobox bound to a user table in your database, you will most probably want to have the full user name displayed in the combobox, but when a user is selected you will want to work with the user code or user id.

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