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Repeated restorations revealed early 15th century murals. Address: Piata Unirii An imposing former residence of the Austro-Hungarian governors, Banffy Palace was designed by the German architect, Johann Eberhard Blaumann, for then-governor of the city, Banffy Gyorgy.Built between 17, it is considered the most representative example of baroque style in Transylvania.The most recent section is the tower, erected in neo-gothic style in 1860.

For the best views of the city and the surrounding landscape, climb some 200 feet up Fortress Hill. Free admission One of the city's oldest structures, the Franciscan Monastery was built in the 15-th century on the site of an older church dating from 1273 and handed to the Dominican order by ruler Iancu de Hunedoara in 1455. Hoia Baciu Haunted Woods tours and more information. Where: 23 miles southeast of Cluj Napoca Access: car, bus, train Turda Salt Mine more information: Crama La Where: 25 miles northeast of Cluj Napoca Access: car, bus A unique village known for the beautiful traditional costumes worn by the locals, the colorful Tuesday Market, the Dance House / Museum and the nearby marsh walk paths. Where: 60 miles southeast of Cluj Napoca Access: car, bus, train

The name refers to an Austrian fortress built here in the 18-th century to ensure control, rather than defense, of the city. Located at the south of the monastery complex, the church was offered as a gift to the Franciscans who restored it in baroque style around the year 1728. Eroilor 10 In 1764, the church was bought by Franciscan monks living on the outskirts of Cluj. Romania Where: 65 miles northeast of Cluj Napoca Access: car, bus, train

In 1951, the palace became the home of the Cluj National Art Museum . Mihail Kogalniceanu 16 The building of this impressive church began in 1486 and was completed around 1516, with a pulpit added in 1646.

The church, one of the largest in southeastern Europe, is a perfect illustration of the late gothic architectural style.

Address: Piata Baba Novac Dating from 1475, Tailors' Bastion is one of the two structures, that were once part of the old fortified town, still standing. The park also contains several 18th century wooden churches from the Transylvania region. Where: 5 miles west of Cluj Napoca Access: car, bus, pedestrian Hoia - Baciu is a forested area ideal for nature walks and relaxation.

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