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And that's how it goes until the edge of the village. Moldovans from abroad bought them in hopes of someday returning to their home country.Butnaru has three children, two of whom live and work in Germany. Barely any jobs and low wages – there is nothing left for our children to do but to leave." He says he would have looked for a job abroad if he were younger.But Cipileaga is convinced that she is moving ahead undauntedly.

Brain drain is like an epidemic At the end of the 1980s, around 4.5 million people lived in the Republic of Moldova.

Now, according to the national statistical office, there are less than 3.5 million people living in the country.

One consequence was a new wave of emigration by young and well-educated workers who no longer saw a future in their country.

According to a study commissioned by the BBC, 106 Moldovans leave their country each day.

The PSF experts panel presented the preliminary findings of the Peer Review (i.e.

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