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Even at George Mason University -- where Suarez and Arora met and where immigrants and international students make the campus of 30,000 feel like the United Nations -- their melting-pot romance prompted friends to ask whether they knew what they were doing. "I never thought I would date anyone outside my culture," said Suarez, a 21-year-old senior studying information systems operation management.

"It's sometimes more easy to talk to someone who knows the language you do, who knows the culture you do," said Arora, a 21-year-old finance major.

They may have gone under the knife for that perfect breasts and bottoms.

As is typical with online dating, expect a response rate of around 1-10% depending on how good your profile is.

(response rate = people who will respond back to you to whom you sent an introduction message).

Both had long-distance relationships -- she with a guy who lived in Venezuela; he with a woman in Sweden -- and they would talk on the phone into the early hours of the morning, counseling each other on love. "Like we'd be at a friend's party and he'd be like, 'Hey, are you going to stay late?

But when those relationships ended, the two started to notice things about each other. "Definitely her lips." His eyes -- "big, brown puppy eyes," Suarez said.

She's a devout Catholic; he's a Hindu-turned-atheist.

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