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1971 Rickenbacker Model 331 Lightshow Guitar & 1970 Transonic TS100 Amp (See photo at top of articles) A Rick model long coveted by collectors, the legendary Lightshow guitar was produced by Rickenbacker in relatively small quantities between 19.

The Guernsey’s sale paired a Lightshow guitar in museum condition with another innovative Rickenbacker design from the same period, a 1970 Transonic TS100 combo amp.

This would seem to associate the instrument with Vaughan’s 1975–’77 tenure with Paul Ray and the Cobras in Austin, Texas.

In another custom blandishment, again characteristic of SRV, the rear body neck plate is engraved with the legend STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN DALLAS, TX.

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s circa 1966-67 Fender Stratocaster Like many of the guitars owned and played by the late Texan ax icon Stevie Ray Vaughan, this three-tone sunburst Strat bears several custom touches added by the artist himself during his lifetime, including his autograph, signed in gold ink and dated ’90.

A familiar feature from other Vaughan Strats are the initials SRV spelled out in automotive lettering stickers, while a faded and worn sticker with the word “Cobras” barely legible is affixed to the pickguard.

As Gibson didn’t normally produce seven-string Super 400s, the Mottola guitar is remarkable for its many custom appointments, including dual P-90 pickups with seven pole pieces, and a bridge and tailpiece specially tooled to accommodate seven strings.

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