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2) The game consumes a lot of battery, it ate my 100% to 50% in 1-2 hour(s) on lowest brightness. Every update is like a huge update that adds in about .1-.3 gb and it introduces a few characters or changes some things in game only. So until then, I will like to recommend this game only if it is THE game invested time into. Seen it happen to most of their games in mobile and pc. When I mean a few years I literally meant they stop update and the game will be as it is for the next few years instead of just tearing it down in a few months, they wanna try to lure new players to spend then no money back guarantee, “warning”.The ONLY thing I have yet to find in-game of DWU is a “Free Roam” mode. Like a place to practice and try out new characters skills and styles.

Devices with specs lower than listed may experience crashes.

A network connection is required to enjoy the game. Dynasty warriors has always been one of my favorite video game series and when it got into mobile I was not hesitant of downloading it.

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“FREE TO ROAM,” But “Costs” for “Activating Special Event Quests.”(Like If a “free roam” is in DWU, or added later like the other great DWU game modes, The Roaming NEEDS to be “free to play/roam;” but within the Roaming could be “ Extra Special Quest” that are activated with a type of DWU consumable/currency for Potential Special Free Roam Quest for REWARDS Like “EXP, Items, Officers, Etc.”)This is the Last thing I see DWU needing before Finalizing as a “ 5 Star Amazing Mobile Game! )” ALSO allow “FREE ROAM to have a Option to Group CO-OP with friends/Guild Members(1P-4P)! I loved playing this on Play Station and when I found out it was in the App Store I had to get it. If you don't already have this you need to try it out.

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