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Indeed, there was already a long, if less-publicised, history of Maldivian fighters joining radical Islamic causes, with many receiving weapons and explosives training with Al Qaeda dating back to the 1990s and with extremist Pakistani factions.A senior former Maldivian counter-terrorism official told The Telegraph that returnees from those earlier conflicts walked openly on the streets of Male.“It’s quite probable that in per capita terms, the Maldives has more jihadists fighting in Syria and Iraq than any other country outside the region,” said a Western security analyst.

That widely-condemned conviction brought Amal Clooney, the human rights lawyer and wife of the actor George, to the islands in recent days in her role as international counsel for the former leader, a British-educated civil liberties and environmental champion.

Mr Nasheed was overthrown in a bloodless de facto during protests organised by supporters of the former dictator and religious groups under the banner of “Defend Islam” as hardline clerics accused him of trying to pollute the country with decadent liberal values.

For a nation that only has a population of about 350,000, the numbers are strikingly high.

They also reflect a reality at jarring odds with the country's picture postcard reputation as a honeymoon and holiday idyll.

Traditionally, the time between when a company files its S-1 for an IPO (Match Group put in its S-1 last month) and when it actually goes public is called a "quiet period." It's unclear why Rad gave an interview in the days leading up to an IPO. Spokespersons for IAC and Tinder could not immediately be reached for comment.

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