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'The victim was very good about giving the location.She was continuing to try to talk the defendant into stopping the vehicle,' Columbia County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Murray Smith said.

The police were finally able to stop the suspect after conducting a pit maneuver, nudging the back-corner of the vehicle causing it to turn sideways and come to a halt.

'So thankful that it turned out the way that it did because I said it could have been so much worse.

film premiere in Brookline, Mass., and the internet can't get enough. While everyone else in the crowd was eager to capture the event on their phones, this woman was spotted actually enjoying the moment how it was meant to be enjoyed—in real time.

Who knows, perhaps the screen on her phone cracked when she flung it across the room after losing a round of Bingo and she just happened to be without it at the premiere.

Whichever it is, that smile on her face is a nice reminder to us phubbing phone-freaks that appreciating the moment is truly something to be happy about.

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