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Giphy’s already integrated into i Message with its own keyboard app, and partnerships with Facebook and Twitter have helped spread its database of GIFs all over the internet.The Giphy World app takes that one step further to bring GIFs into your surroundings and letting you record video.Compare the bumpiness of the 8x time-lapse video (left) with the smoother playback of the 8x Hyperlapse (right), due to Hyperlapse’s built-in video stabilization.

More than 2,000 Ikea products are currently available in the app, so you can let your inner Property Brother thrive and play interior decorator. Instead of limiting objects to just Ikea furniture, there’s a catalog of items that can be resized to fit the dimensions of your room, so it’s more of a planning app.

There’s also a “Disaster” feature, as any good app should have, in case you feel like destroying a room.

In the time between the announcement and its official release yesterday, developers have used ARKit to create apps for big brands like The Food Network and AMC’s as well as for smaller, but no less important amusements like this demo that does nothing but visualize AR tea cups resting on top of a good dog.

Whether it’s existing apps that have added AR functionality with their updates, or fresh new apps introduced specifically for the platform, here are nine AR-ready i OS apps you should check out after updating to i OS 11 to get a feel for the feature’s usefulness — and yes — pointless fun.

Since it was first announced at WWDC, Apple’s ARKit has been open to developers to get a feel for the new platform.

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