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Peratallada, cuyo nombre significa ”piedra tallada”, es uno de los enclaves medievales más singulares del país, coronado por su fastuoso castillo compuesto de Fuente: Mesura Fotografía: © Pegenaute Habitar bajo una nueva sombra Un nuevo espacio, cobijado bajo un manto abovedado, da nueva vida a esta vivienda ubicada en el campo ilicitano -en los alrededores de la ciudad de Matola (Elche)- de clima cálido-húmedo y de paisaje árido y soleado.

An SAS veteran has denied he shot dead three fatally wounded enemy soldiers during the Iraq War.

Chang attributes the situation to a dove-tailing of factors, the obvious one being the economic slump."Your middle class is being squeezed. But over and above this, there are important changes in attitude.

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For a few years mall culture has been dying a slow death in the US.

Once-thriving consumer centres have become zombie malls, shadows of their former selves.

And this has given rise to what he calls the stealth-bomb shopper.

With the necessary information to hand, shoppers know exactly which shop they want.

Online shopping has had an impact too Chang says that people are cynical about the effect of online shopping in South Africa but although only 1% of retailers' revenue comes from online shopping, there's been a ripple effect on shopping behaviour.

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