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Not less vivid is my first little piece, produced by Mr. It was called Ibsen's Ghost, and was a parody of the mightiest craftsman that ever wrote for our kind friends in front.

To save the management the cost of typing I wrote out the 'parts,' after being told what parts were, and I can still recall my first words, spoken so plaintively by a now famous actress,—'To run away from my second husband just as I ran away from my first, it feels quite like old times.' On the first night a man in the pit found Ibsen's Ghost so diverting that he had to be removed in hysterics.

Do you remember a garden at Burpham and the initiation there of No.

4 when he was six weeks old,and three of you grudged letting him in so young? 3, forgotten the white violets at the Cistercian abbey in which we cassocked our first fairies (all little friends of St.

of Peter Pan (except a few stray pages) with which to support my claim.

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