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I also want to welcome you to the first meeting of a new defense group that is being offered to third years and above so we do not continue to fall behind while we are without a proper Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor.

Then you built off of that knowledge the following years.

He was already considering doing something for the third years and up but what about the first and second years? Dumbledore was too busy to teach and spent what time he had looking for a new teacher but he evidently was not having much luck.

I will place the signup sheet on this table and you can come up and sign your name at any time during this meeting.

Right now I would like to turn it over to Harry." Harry moved over to the middle, in front of everyone. It was Hermione's brilliant idea to start this group so we could develop our skills in defense while the school is without a Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor.

She accepted his explanation and told him that Dumbledore was still having problems finding a Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.

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