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Remains from both Roman and Turkish occupations can still be seen in the city.Most of what you’ve heard about grass fed beef is, forgive the pun, bullshit. As a meat seller, I should just get some grass fed beef, jump on the bandwagon, jack up prices and merrily push it down the tubes.If incidental supplementation occurs due to inadvertent exposure to non-forage feedstuffs or to ensure the animal’s well being at all times during adverse environmental or physical conditions, the producer must fully document (e.g., receipts, ingredients, and tear tags) the supplementation that occurs including the amount, the frequency, and the supplements provided.

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If you’ve ever had any really tender and juicy grass-fed beef in the US, this was probably what you had. The reason it’s so confusing is because grass fed beef as a market niche has evolved due to a dislocate with reality as a result of some massive consumer confusion and the industry and regulatory bodies are having a very difficult time catching up.

· There’s beef that comes from cattle that spend all of their lives roaming pastureland and grazing with no supplemental feeding until they are finally captured, killed, and cut-up.

Or you can even go out and chop down the corn before the kernels have dried into grains and feed them the silage.

Second, the animals need to have access to pasture (I don’t know what size a pen has to be before you start calling it a pasture) during the growing season.

I have not read the book, I don’t plan on reading the book because maintaining a stable blood pressure is important to me, but I’ve had hundreds of people tell me all about this book so I think I’ve got some idea of what it says.

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