Interracial dating media

On another occasion, Aladesanmi, whose parents are Nigerian immigrants went with Coates to what they thought would be a playful meeting run by the Harvard College Nigerian Students Association about dating a Nigerian.

But when a student—one of Coates’s close friends, with whom she had previously lived—was asked whether she regarded interracial dating as a threat to Nigerian culture, the meeting reportedly took a turn for the worse.

She makes a great point about the glamorization of interracial dating. Then there are stupid dates sites specifically for interracial hook ups. They don’t leave the children out of the interracial agenda either. Black comic book character Luke Cage is in an interracial relationship with Jessica Jones. So even in the comic books they’re getting their swirl on! Since we have comic books for kids,the adults need something too right?

In the last few years the interracial propaganda has hit a fever pitch! On the show her boyfriend was white actor Robbie Amell.

While the two Asian and white couples interviewed for this article say that they have not confronted any discrimination due to their mixed-race relationship, the white and black couple interviewed said they have encountered a substantial amount of prejudice on campus.

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