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"Life's What You Make It" is also the only track here that doesn't expose Sheik's voice as thin, weak, and of limited range.

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But stuck in the middle of all the electronic blips and beeps, it really has no chance.

You could imagine that a remix album of a covers album might offer up a few opportunities for pure, unmitigated trainwrecks. If you have ever wondered what New Order's lovely, melancholic "Love Vigilantes" would sound like as an electro dirge, El-P tries to provide an answer.

However, in most cases, the new production simply overwhelms the very songcraft Sheik was trying to accentuate.

In no cases do these remixes improve on Sheik's original versions, much less the real originals.

Since the release of her self-titled, critically acclaimed 1985 debut album, she has performed sell-out concerts in many of the world’s best-known venues. DUNCAN SHEIK After breaking through in the late ‘90s with his Top 20 Single “Barely Breathing,” Duncan Sheik spent much of the subsequent decade taking a breath from the usual rock singer/songwriter rituals.

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