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Those markings may include the contract number and year, the part number, as well as the (who also sold watches under other names) starting in the early 1960s.

Note: this chapter is not meant to constitute a comprehensive listing of all Type 20 versions and variants.

So do not be surprised to see peculiarities such as watches of larger diameters, different dial colors, absence of military markings, and even, in some cases, non-flyback movements…

(Breguet has also produced 3 solid yellow gold models, though probably not for use by the military.) And keep in mind that there are many faked-up Type 20 watches on the current market too!

And, since this watch is made to be worn, it will be concluded with a concise owner's review.

The name “” refers to a specification issued by the French Ministry of Defense (called “Ministry of War” back then), describing a pilot's wristwatch as part of the airmen's standard equipment.

However, changing direction still involved three different operations on the chronograph: .

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