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Secondly, she looks more like a Victoria’s Secret Angel than a regular human, making me wonder what we could possibly have in common. After meeting for a casual chat, Jasmine and I become fast friends, and I spared no time coaxing her into a Dbag Dating interview.

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Jasmine: I was an actress living in Los Angeles and I would go to all these Hollywood parties and feel, at times, a sense of vapidness.

So I would turn to my computer and I would write: it was a way to really ground myself and explore some of the dynamics that were going on..

(We just met on an Internet dating site about three hours ago and I totally wasn't going to go out with him but then remember Kenny? Don't drive yourself crazy, or into a Yelp Hole (see Urban Dictionary). Be polite, but then tell him your mother got in a freak hang-gliding accident (I know she's at home right now but my dad's a crazy inventor and they were taking turns jumping off the roof). Read More Fifty First (J)Dates Follow FFJD on Twitter!

I suggest both Yelp and Citysearch to help you scope out locales. Be sure to pick somewhere you're at least familiar with the neighborhood, in case you have mistakenly contacted a boy who resembles Chewbacca, on a good day.

Karl Ravech just had to ask Justin Verlander about it.

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