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She sang the famous song called “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston.Her amazing voice and the passion that she displayed while singing were the reasons why all of the three judges turned their chairs.

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The verbal confrontation continued as Smith apparently awaited the results of a check on the license of a motor scooter Marti, who is a Lebanon City Council candidate, and his boyfriend were riding.

Marti accuses Smith of verbally abusing him and of "disorderly conducting." The officer accuses Marti of lying.

Recently, a young French-Lebanese singer amazed the judges and the audience in the fourth season of The Voice Kids France!

Lyn Khouri is an 11-year-old contestant in this talent show.

The news site also reported that the man who posted the video, Royal Marti, said he put it on You Tube Thursday after borough officials didn't reply to his request for an out-of-court monetary settlement over the March 31 incident.

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