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Check out the video above for a peak at some of the delicious eats and then click HERE for more info on how you can join us in Durban! We took it toss it with some egg and vanilla extract, toss it up in In the pan with the brown butter gives it a nutty flavor, toss in Cinnamon and sugar and drizzle with a chocolate ganache.

[MUSIC] So at Essence Festival Durban, not only do you get to fill your heart and your mind, but you also get to fill your belly. What is some local foods that are like know in Durban or Durban is known for rather?

They assume, naively, that the only cost will be that of a cellphone or landline call, but a week or two later their parents get a bill reflecting that the dirty talk came at a cost of around R1.65 a SECOND, for a minimum of 10 minutes.

The big issues in this scenario, aside from the moral ones, are: can parents be held liable for paying for a service obtained by a minor child, and would a court prosecute a minor for fraud under such circumstances? 94.” And then Lily delivered the crucial information about the cost of the service, very fast, without the pauses which would have given the words meaning.

I suspect that most parents buckle under the pressure and pay up out of fear of legal proceedings and public humiliation. Consumer Watch recently investigated the case of 14-year-old Durban boy who used his father’s pre-paid cellphone to make a call to Hot Live Girls, having seen their advert in a local newspaper. ” asked Lily, a question he clearly wasn’t expecting. “We have a naughty special of a R100 that is payable within 72 hours.

At R1.65 a second, it’s at least R1 000 when a tracing fee is added.

In this boy’s case, his few minutes of saucy talk saw his father getting a bill for R1 560.

The woman who answered, calling herself Lily, first asked him if he was over 18. If not, the call will be charged at R1,65 per second for a minimum time of 10 minutes.

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