Married dating new jersey

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They celebrated their five-year anniversary as a couple a few months ago, with JWoww posting their first-ever pic together with the telling hashtags "#iamorange #youarehot #karma #season3 #Jerseyshore."Ah, the , and subsequent episodes saw Roger staying true to JWoww when the roomies went to Italy.

Overall, despite some liquor-fueled fights, these two were at least quite devoted to each other from the start.

"Similar fabric, only the basic kind of square-cut baby girl dress with a little bow around it."On Saturday night, the couple enjoyed a rehearsal dinner with their "nearest and dearest" friends.

It was another occasion that reminded JWoww that Roger was the one."Roger is my perfect man in every way and he is the best daddy to Meilani that I could ever ever ask for," she wrote on her website this weekend.

Responding to Snooki's signature ribbing about her pal acting like a real Bridezilla lately, JWoww wrote a few days ago, "I think I'm staying as relaxed as I can be with the wedding just four nights away!!

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