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“Still, I certainly wouldn’t dismiss Spencer and his white nationalist allies entirely,” Sommer wrote.

“They were able to get 100 or more people, including many young people, to show their faces in public and be affiliated with white nationalism and anti-Semitism (at least the ones who didn’t wear masks), and that’s worrying.”Purinton left the restaurant and returned a half hour later with a handgun.

the alt-lite (internet-savvy Trump supporters like Cernovich who represent newly vocal parts of the Republican coalition, but publicly reject open white supremacy).

Sommer argued that the media-savvy and publicity-hungry Spencer attracts more than his fair share of press coverage, which exaggerates his actual influence.

Last December, someone in suburban Maryland reported that an Indian American woman (who was just taking a walk) was “suspicious”; the cops who responded asked the woman if she was legal.

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