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But some are more damning than others, usually the ones that involve bad first impressions.

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Many Bostonians have come to appreciate the more organic (“throwback”, if you will) social platform that BSSC provides: put together a group of people with similar interests, provide an activity around that interest, and let them take it from there. Liz tried meeting people in bars, but had difficulty striking up true friendships there.

A year after her move, Liz wanted to learn how to snowboard, so she joined a BSSC weekend ski trip that would change her life. Liz’s BSSC membership has created her entire social circle here in Boston and has provided a gateway to real friendships.

Surprise them with a red rose and a cinnamon bun from the Freshie Bar.

Online dating has never been free from awkward moments.

“BSSC organizes thousands of events annually, but the best part is seeing life-long friendships, and even romances, develop and evolve from people being passionate about what they do.” So, take advantage of the great deal BSSC has on Membership throughout the month of August and check out the social activities, challenge yourself, have a great time and make a friend or a romantic connection!

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