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With Hazel’s App Sweep, Hazel will detect when you throw an application away, search for its support files and offer to throw those away as well.

Learn about some of the actions in Automator that control the Calendar and Mail app. On today's episode let's look at some of the Calendar functions inside of Automator. I'm using Mountain Lion so it is Calendar, not i Cal, and I've just got a couple of appointments here that we can see this week. In Automator we are going to create a Workflow but you can create an application as well. We can find events where all the following are true. So it is going to find all the events for this week.

One of the problems with doing a manual command like pressing shift Command D under a watch me do action here is that sometimes the script hasn't finished doing this or Mail itself hasn't finished doing these actions and the script goes ahead and issues that keyboard command and Mail isn't ready.

So sometimes it will send and sometimes it won't because that command gets sent too early.

One of the most under-appreciated tools on your Mac is Automator.

It can take a while to get the hang of, but once you have an idea of how to use it, you can automate all kinds of useful tasks, from cleaning folders.

Recording an action will record the steps that you perform by mouse and keyboard.

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