Payloadvalidatinginterceptor example Adult dirty chatting

As a note, I verified that JBoss has a recent version of both xerces and xalan available in the endorsed classpath.After re-reading the FAQ, I have found the problem.

payloadvalidatinginterceptor example-21

I could see from the logs that errors were detected on validation of invalid responses, but responses were still turning up, no soap faults were in sight. It turned out this is a known issue, affecting spring-ws 2.1.0-2.1.2, to be fixed in 2.1.3.

In the mean time, this workaround resolved the issue: import org.context.

A solution would be to let the SAAJ based implementation return a In order to support large attachments a Web service stack needs to provide mechanisms to process them without copying them in their entirety into memory.

There are two techniques commonly used for this: None of this is supported by the SAAJ API.

If not then the response would be a FAULT Once deployed the service can be tested using SOAP UI.

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