People go fishing dating

“Water sports can be a bit scary and very adventurous," says Orbuch.

“The water, the exercise, the adrenalin-producing rapids, and the out-of-the-box nature of these activities releases hormones that can help strengthen a couple's bond while re-igniting the passion and excitement.” Sounds like a good reason to hit the water to us.

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It was right at sunset so the sky was beautiful and we got to see a number of historic monuments like the Statue of Liberty,” Andrea from New Jersey says.

“After it was dark out, the boat was docked for a bit and they served us beer, wine, and snacks, and handed out blankets which made the experience all the more romantic.” Whether you rough it in a tent, rent a campervan or secure a night in a not-so-rustic cabin, braving the great outdoors with your boo is sure to be a memorable summer adventure.

“Where I went to college, there was a huge state fair every August.

You could check out some cute animals, catch a concert, grab a wine slushy and other interesting fair food, go on rides, and do some amazing people watching,” says Katie of New York.

Just make sure your lady friend dresses for the occasion.

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