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Now that we live in a big city, it's been really helpful a number of times." 8. It seems that no matter how hard you try, you can never get your hair to look quite as fabulous as it does after a trip to the salon. Broadcast journalists use their camera phones to e-mail on-the-scene photos to the station when cameramen aren't around. Before bed, look over the photos to evaluate how healthy your choices were. Here are ways to put your phone to use when you're in a boutique, from Henrietta Thompson, author of Phone Book: The Ultimate Guide to the Cell Phone Phenomenon.

Prosecutors revealed the 15-year-old suspect, whose identity has not been made public, was her boyfriend.

They also said his father tipped police off to the crime.

"Women are realizing how useful this technology can be," says Paul Levinson, Ph D, author of Cellphone: The Story of the World's Most Mobile Medium and How It Has Transformed Everything!

You're about to discover how capturing an image can make your life easier and more fun and, in some cases, help protect you.

Remember when you just used your camera phone to take pics of a wild night out with friends?

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