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They have declined to say why she waited 15 years to pursue criminal charges.

The incident occurred at Bondi’s home while the young woman was there to babysit his children, according to a stipulation of facts from a previous bond hearing.

Admission of evidence (Supreme Court Rule 2 derived from this section).

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These types of cases are complex and aggressively pursued by prosecutors.

Make sure that the criminal defense attorney on your side has a proven record handling sexual assault cases, and understands how to aggressively build the strongest defense possible.

The leg tremors did not begin until after he was jailed, she said. Prior to that, he served as a local leader for Young Life Virginia Beach.

Prosecutors have said the victim was 18 and a former member of Bondi’s youth groups when he forcibly assaulted her.

As a result, his handwriting is becoming illegible, and his voice is weakening, Anna Bondi said.

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