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As she talks, silently, behind the scenes, there is a simmering war going on among a number of women — some of them teenagers — as they fight for turf.

Veterans of the trade in the Avenues are unhappy with the Con Court ruling, which while it saved them from arrests, has seen an unprecedented increase in the number of sex workers and competition for the few clients.

Sex hook up sites zambia

She then leans on the door at the driver’s side and they chat briefly.

The lady then goes around the car and jumps in before driving off into the night.

I can’t meet my targets just by working at night.” Short-time is the buzzword on the street because of its quick returns compared to all-night sessions.

“Short-time is more viable because you can serve at the least 10 men in a day compared to going with one guy who offers you just $40 a night after negotiations, so we prefer the shorter versions,” Tariro said.

Numbers of sex workers on the streets have now swelled as they freely roam the streets from midmorning until late, hoping to mop up whatever cash potential clients are willing to part with for a few moments of pleasure.

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