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The bad news is that none of them know how this came to be.

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"I'm amazed Scotty didn't notice I was talking like Isaac and Peter that summer I helped you guys look for the Alpha pack." "Just Peter and Isaac? "Is that your way of saying we're so much alike you don't have to emulate me." Derek asked innocently. Morty is having 'strange' *cough*sexual*cough* dreams about his grandfather.

"To be fair you didn't talk much back then, and when you did it wasn't that far off from how I naturally speak." Stiles retorted with a roll of his eyes before going back to typing. "But yeah, basically, ya sap." He finished with a wink.

Please check out all of Riki's art on her Tumblr (you'll find some of us there too) and you can see the first round of the amazing art for this fic here Please go give Riki some love!!!

Another Prompt in my ask box being fulfilled - Writing prompt idea: Yuri and Otabek Skype all the time.

When Victor becomes entranced by Yuuri's skating during warmups, he finds himself moving too close and causes them to collide.

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