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The dating pool can start to feel more like a wading pool remarkably quickly.Everyone knows everyone and they’ve all dated each other or know someone who has. On one hand, you could easily know everything you need to about your date before you meet them.On the other, you could easily know everything you need to about your date before you meet them.

One of my rules of thumb is that once you break up, that’s it. I just met a really cool girl, but I blew the first impression with an off-color joke. Then again, if she was right to be offended, bring it up to her next time you see her and apologize. My boyfriend spends all weekend watching sports on TV. Tell him you want to do something he likes to do outside. Ask how athletic they are, how they spend their weekends, etc. But be really sweet to her, attentive and caring, so they feel like their little girl is being taken care of. Just buy me a drink and ask me questions about myself. I’ve been advising her to ditch him, but I have ulterior motives — I want her for myself. I’m not sure any girl should seek advice from a guy. But if she’s stupid enough to listen to your advice, maybe the two of you belong together.

I realized I’d offended her as soon as I said it, but it was too late. See if their answers match up to the kind of image they initially put out there. You need to walk away from the fight before it gets to the point where you break up. Is dinner and a movie still a good first date, or is it passé? I’m dating a Carolina girl, and her parents are coming up to New York to meet me. Folks from the South aren’t used to walking around too much, so take cabs.

And the married friends feel bad that they only invited other couples, making you feel even Southern ladies are hot. Their Mamas taught them to wear their hair high and curled, shave their legs (not just the bottom half), and wear heels -- and that’s just to the grocery store.

If you're a transplant, you need to step up your game.

Instead of trying to weed them out, set up your initial date so that it will be for a limited amount of time and you can make a quick exit if you’re not into it.

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