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Their remix was an instant success, serving hundreds of requests per second from Google App Engine without a hitch.

A week later, Minister without portfolio Simon Chang (a Google alum himself) invited the remixers to a round table.

On December 1, civic hackers filled the institute’s 80-person auditorium and presented their projects, covering a wide range of government functions, including Congress, Tenders, Geography, Weather, Electricity, Healthcare and many other areas.

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” Entirely devoid of information, the clip simply repeated the following monotonous refrain: “We have a very complex plan. Never mind the details — just follow instructions and go along with it!

” Met with widespread incredulity and mockery, the video went viral as viewers on You Tube rushed to click “report abuse” in protest.

The resulting presented each agency’s annual spending in the form of geometric shapes of proportional sizes, inviting participants to review and rate each item’s usefulness.

Calling upon citizens to “strike out rip-off spending (e.g.

The Ministry used the crawling activity as a convenient excuse for their own server’s downtime, while critics questioned the legality of scraping and remixing government data.

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