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- The average income of the Aboriginals is less than half of the national average.Poverty and the increasing inability to earn a livelihood through traditional methods such as hunting and felling trees have helped to promote widespread child prostitution and alcoholism.Exports have provided the primary impetus for industrialization.

Chi, a former journalist, has worked tirelessly for the past 13 years as a child advocate and devotee to social reform in Taiwan.

Boldly addressing issues such as child prostitution, domestic violence and sexual abuse, Chi's voice has compelled the government of Taiwan to take action.

This reduction may have come about due to intensive efforts on the part of social workers and nongovernmental organizations to combat the practice of selling female children into prostitution.

The NPA also coordinated the formation of police task forces in local jurisdictions to investigate and prevent the sale of Aboriginal girls into prostitution.

He's regarded as one of the greatest Taiwanese at all time.

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