Things to look for when new to online dating

The topic of intimacy should not even come up in the first meeting.

Are you A baby boomer completely out of the loop when it comes to the online dating world?

Nothing is more of a turn off than poorly written text riddled with spelling errors in a profile. Read and re-read what you have written to present to the online dating world.

If someone contacts you first, and you're not interested, you're not obligated to write back.

Don't give out too many details about your life or daily schedule when making initial communication.4.

Watch out for the "too good to be true's," and look for how many kids they have and how many still live at home. When you find someone you think might be a possibility, send a short note, introducing yourself. I'm not a big fan of "flirts", the icons that communicate kisses, hugs, I like your profile, I'm in love, etc.

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