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Debby Magill, director of public relations for Tampa Bay Vegetarians, says the group honored Trang with Best Restaurant of the Year awards twice, and would have done so for a third year if it weren't for a two-year limit placed on honorees. That Trang Viet also features meat-centric items like pho on its menu means that it's the kind of place where you can bring mixed company veg and non-veg, that is.

Pattison and her husband, Peter, 62, travel from south Clearwater sometimes as often as three times a week to enjoy breakfast or lunch at Consciousness Blossoms.

“I just like the fact that the servers are beautiful people and they make you feel like family,” Judith Ann Pattison said.

Steam buns and "chicken" curry are among the menu's top picks.

Such a diverse menu has won him a steady customer base, half of which he says is vegan.

"Traditionally, we've known how to cook vegan food for many years," he says.

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