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,” and a video to match, starring electro princess Luciana. She’s one of those people that, even to this day, I’m like, “Oh my God, I can’t believe I did a song with Peaches.” It doesn’t seem real. People can say whatever they want to me, but at the end of the day I can say I have a fucking song with Peaches and they don’t. We never even met until the day before we shot the video [for “Guess What”], we just went back and forth through email … The impossibly catchy videos that make you want to dance (and maybe touch yourself) for days. Lucky for us, the gay rapper/songwriter/producer/sex pistol is back on the proverbial scene with a brand new single, “Guess What? I started doubting if I was cool enough to do a song with her, because she’s just so fucking cool. Luciana is a big energetic ball of positive energy. I moved to Boston to start my career in the group Mor Play. If it’s a song called “All Over Your Face” and it’s about jizzing on somebody’s face, then the video’s going to be a little provocative. There were hot boys in there, but it was more about the dance beat and more of a documentary approach as far as where the club scene was at the time. I typically — like most human beings — do things about sex, food and money, so that’s typically what my videos seem to portray. I think she’s a songwriter’s dream come true, because she has a very interesting life and a very interesting point of view. She definitely has one of my favorite voices to hear on the dance floor. well first, she’s a really hard worker, she perfects everything. I just think he’s the epitome of the ultimate artist. God knows when the release date is, but there will be a new album out. The other thing is that I’ve been a singles artist for so long that I’m so used to [focusing on one single.] I’ve always been the kind of artist who focuses on a song rather than pushing a whole album. to take a break from whatever single I’m pushing to focus on this album.

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Cazwell came to Weho to DJ at club Rasputin last night.

Pop singer Luciana also popped in to sing her hit single "I'm Still Hot" but we were more concerned with Cazwell's weekend fling with Rusty Rooftop Domhoff!!!

I’ll be sure to give Philly’s brown-eyed boys a heads up.

Beyoncé is the epitome of beauty and perfection in society, so the image of her even being at such a lowbrow place is just kind of funny.

What can your fans expect from your upcoming show in Orlando? I’m really looking forward to my performance in Orlando!

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