dating site for men and women in angola - Who is vienna girardi dating now

Plus, she’s rocking a more natural brunette ‘do that suits her much more than the peroxide blonde of her past. According to her social media profile, she is hard at work as a hiring manager at software company Soft Rock, which keeps her busy with job conventions and summits.Plus, girlfriend just announced that she recently put in an offer on a house.

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In the season finale, Pavelka proposed to contestant Vienna Girardi and all was sunshine and rainbows and everything else associated with new and sweet love.

Then, three months later, they broke up and that was pretty much that.

Now it’s time to put on our detective hats, because Vienna didn’t happen to tell us his name… Presumably, her new guy is from where Vienna lives in Orlando, but that’s obviously not a lot of information.

After a little investigating, however, that problem is solved.

Before there was Courtney Robertson, there was Vienna.

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