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They should have had a mutual understanding regarding what he was about to walk into.

Yes, this would have negated the need for the actual movie, but Chris didn’t want to be saved and you might; we’re talking about real life here.

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Photos should have been shared, if not on social media, than with her nearest and dearest. Your white bae, his or her friends, and their family members might say things to try to make you feel comfortable around them or to show that they’re “down.” You have to establish your personal threshold for shenanigans and decide how to navigate the conversation.

And yes, a heads up should have been given, not solely for Rose’s parents well-being, but for Chris’s, as well. You may feel like that’s your burden to lead them to the Promised Land but I promise: it’s not your responsibility to teach anyone, or to explain why saying they would’ve voted for Obama for a third term, really means nothing.

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A few years ago in an unnamed Texas town (Dallas), I casually dated a guy of the 2520 variety who seemed great.

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