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If it's someone you're interested in but not a place / time you can talk, hand them a card with your contact info and invite them / invite to treat them to a meal / drink sometime.If you make personal cards explaining a rundown about yourself this can be even more effective and bold.Again don't isolate yourself / limit options except where there are truly a majority than you wouldn't want to meet (at least not in their environment where you can do little to change them) e.g. and fear being accepted by straight people, don't worry, if they accept you great, if not - too bad, move on and keep trying and you'll succeed eventually as long as you're being appropriate.

Also if you're at an activity place, you should not be pulling people away from the activity as much as sharing in it with them. There's nothing wrong with being out in behavior but don't be overbearing and inconsiderate, don't have exaggerated effeminacy or any at all if you're not naturally so, masculinity is generally far more accepted on a man.

The relative majority of straight people in Barbados accept me. Some of the raucous and pretentiously effeminate behavior I've seen by some gay people turns even me, as a gay man, away in disgust, it's inconsiderate and I speak as someone who wears blatant gay subject matter apparel.

DO NOT try to hide it and risk the health and hurt the hearts and souls of everyone by being "Down Low". You might be surprised at how accepting and how deep a trust you create by being honest.

I know a couple where one of them is bisexual in orientation but they are committed to one another.

There are alot of additional tips and insights that you can view in video format from experts at When adding your profile make sure to use Barbados (many make mistake). When adding your profile make sure to use Barbados.

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