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Batman's religious affiliation was mentioned in Many comic book fans regard Batman as an atheist or agnostic, albeit one who has personally witnessed the fact that powerful god-like entities and gods of mythological pantheons actually exist.Batman has appeared in literally thousands of stories, and not all of these are in agreement with regards to the character's theological views.Batman's grave is flanked by those of his mother and father. He faked his own death using powerful body chemistry-altering chemicals when Superman was ordered to apprehend him.

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[From: Above: The stone Christian cross in the middle marks the grave of Bruce Wayne, a.k.a.

Batman, further indicating Batman's Christian religious affiliation.

It is a valid observation that children raised in homes with a split religious identity are more likely to be lapsed or religiously non-observant as adults than children of parents with a united religious identity.

Batman is certainly no exception to this trend, although it is possible to think of many reasons other than his parents' inter-faith marriage for his lack of traditional religious observation and identification as an adult.

On rare occasions, stories have been published in which Batman has simply identified himself as an atheist or a Christian.

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