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Tour guides pointed out the nuclear reactor in the center of campus.

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The bacchanal ended three days later when there was no more mud left to wrestle in or drinks to gulp.

By the time the third dawn came, friendships had been forged, tire swings had been swung, meat had been devoured, some drugs had probably been snorted or smoked, jobs had been offered, and lives had been changed.

As classes got underway this week, something was missing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The sidewalks of Cambridge were jammed with students and their boxes, as they always are during the first week of September. Tanned professors returning from vacation unlocked their labs.

Freshmen walked the “infinite corridor” of the main building as their parents took photos and consulted maps, mortifying their children.

“That’s the double-edged sword of Senior House,” Feldmeier says.

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